the lords of cosmic jest

the lords of cosmic jest have chosen to giggle and grin at me - not sure if they are laughing with me or at me though...

Okay, the long and short of it -- OWW selected Knife Grinder as one of their 4 Editors Choice stories. YAY! They sent me a note after I had pulled the story down (already sent it off to Weird Tales) to inform me I needed to repost it because it was chosen by Jeanne Cavelos. Oh ummm. Damn. So I reposted the revised story and today it is up on the Editorial Choice page... (so you get to read it if you wish) http://sff.onlinewritingworkshop.com/cgi-bin/ww/framer.cgi - the cosmic jest part?

Well, Jeanne Cavelos http://www.sff.net/people/jcavelos/ is an award winning author - she even runs the Odyssey Fantasy Writers Workshop http://www.sff.net/odyssey/ - she, of course, nailed my crappy comma usage (which I think I fixed in this version) then expounded on ways I might revamp the ending to make it better. Tsk - why like a WEEK after I sent it off do I get this opportunity? pesk. So now I get to fudgle over the version out at Weird Tales http://www.dnapublications.com/wt/ and contemplate further revisions if it bombs there and goes elsewhere seeking a publishing home.

I totally love the fact she selected it (of course) but damn...

...describe my mood... I dunno - weird!

I think I am getting really close to breaking through into the big guys pond - I get this queasy stomach thing going along with little racy bursts of energy. It is like I can feel the veil and I am damn sure my comma usage isn't ready and doubt it ever will be - and I am going to go through anyway. It's a bit scary.
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workshop day

I am up for it - literally. Had a client schedule me for 10am - you don't EVEN want to know how peachy I am before noon on any given day. Plus prep and I will have a busy busy day. Randy wants to come by after too. I probably will because next weeks Tuesday won't work. ::sigh:: means midnight at the oasis.

I am trying to figure out why writing slowed down this week. I think it is the antibiotics I am on for my tooth - I have an extreme low tolerance so any kind of meds plops me on my ass. Still a few more pills to go - maybe by the weekend I will be done with them.

My intern C didn't show last night, call or come this morning. Means my gig is solo which is okay but I want to know where she is anyway.

twerping along today...
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september sweats

Not much sleep last night followed by a short court performance, bills paid, groceries in the car - back home to snuggle in bed to a damn ringing phone @#%$^

It's hot.

I am back to working on Hecate after a years hiatus.

The problem is a whole new story is emerging :( This means most of the extant story will not be making it. On the good side what is percolating to the surface of my brain is rather interesting. Hmmm

I decided to follow the blogging style of a writer I admire http://www.sff.net/people/nalo/writing/naloblogger.html and include word count and snippets from WIP in order to motorvate myself in an ongoing way. So, here are some bits from revised Hecate First Chapter. Current wc 933


The distortion rippled across the fabricated reality of the network like the thin edge of a synaptic leap. When it crossed Tori’s avatar, for the barest of moments, her perception of the seperation between reality and the network vanished. In that tiniest of gaps Tori felt the first crude nudges of non-human sentient thought, and knew the network was on the threshold of wakening.

She shut down the auto-feed streaming into her brain wishing it were as easy to escape the sensations of anxiety and excitement making her whole body tremble. If she was right, technology was about to morph in a way that would change the world forever, making the source of the distortion, potentially priceless.

Her instinct told her she had a slight advantage. Tori was born naturally techempathic, a person intuitively able to understand and sometimes anticipate the evolutionary growth choices of the first artificial intelligence devices.

“Max?” She ignored the fact it was just after four in the morning; that her boss, Maximillian Demetrio Pan, might be asleep when she rang through on his secure private line.

“We need resources allocated.” She continued over the sound of his mumbled irritation, then hung up without waiting for his reply.

Time was a bit intractable in her life. She was lucky to log three to four hours sleep a night and seldom took any notice of what time of the day or week it might be. She didn’t mean to be rude but the fates hadn’t granted her the same gifts when it came to understanding people, or herself.

By the late 1990’s it wasn’t enough to be born smart. Technologies acceleration began pushing the edge of human intelligence creating a high-tech sub-culture demanding cognitive enhancers. The best of these state-of-the-art drugs emerged from the research labs at Stanford University. The drug of choice was nicknamed the CE4. It affected intellect and memory creating an elongated hyper-aware state allowing the user enhanced brain function up to twenty hours a day. Its early known side-effects included heart problems from increased blood flow, the inability to relax, distorted sleep patterns, reduction of immune function and emotional dissociative disorders.

By 2000 bootleg versions of CE4 were being illegally trafficked to every higher education facility in the country. The drug reigned supreme for just over three years, until its cumulative effect began blowing out the hearts of its users. The drug lost favor and passed into history, except for those born of its legacy.

Tori Fielding killed her mother when her mother’s heart, weakened by CE4, couldn’t withstand her birth.


more to write today - in theory I should be clocking 2500 words a day, more or less - in theory...
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Pluto going direct

Pluto is going direct on August 30th -

Get ready for a bumpy ride!!!

Anyone born between December 8 through 14th of ANY year will be affected (they all have Sun in Sagittarius). Those most directly affected are those born on December 11th when their sun is at 19 degrees Sagittarius, which is where Pluto is at now, and will turn direct on.

Pluto's whole demeanor is about CHANGE. Now, you can opt to have change out of transformation gently or through CHAOS. It's your choice. Pluto doesn't mind doing it one way or the other.

If you have never had a quality astrologer do your chart - the next couple weeks is a good time to have it done. Have a peek and see what the stars project for the coming year - it's interesting and insightful.

Or - you can call it all hooey and be blithely blind to such things.


Also, for those of you who are strongly 'energy' connected - the next two weeks or so will be heavy duty with much higher energies - you are probably already getting odd dreams, visions, precogs, epiphanies and deep insights. Try documenting them as much as possible so you don't forget them. Be good to yourself, get plenty of sleep, eat well, drink lots of water and do something like quigong or tai chi to balance the escalating energies.

The more you do - the easier this upward escalation will be on your body.


For those of you in resistance - be damn careful the next two weeks - Pluto is a big whammy and forces change through resistance. One of my clients who has been resisting change experienced a radical reversal with two broken legs - forcing her to change her life. Listen to your intuition - even when it is scary.
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a "sizzlit" wednesday


Worked with a new client today so C is down to help me. We had fun but it was HOT!!! Another new client is trying to schedule for this evening which is good (financially) and harder (double energy work today) We will see how it pans out.

I need to do a energy session on C too - she is experiencing physical effects today, which is probably processing - I also noted she shut down after the session or actually right before the session ended so we need to go look and see what is happening.


Did I tell you I killed off 3 of my big fish last night :( PESK!!! My tank spiked during the day and we had to wait until after my evening session in order to clean and fix the tank - by then 3 bigger fish died. That leaves maybe 50 fish in the tank (one of my pairs had babies a couple months ago which is why the tank was hard to clean) - we are going to take most of the now bigger babies to the fish store tomorrow along with 2 of my algae eaters (they are sorta big) - I will probably trade for a new impeller and a couple new fish. All is good!

The tank looks good today - I am pretty good at cleaning when I do it.

It is hot up here today - thank god for my cooler!
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sunday struggles

Akkkkk -

I forgot about Mercury Retrograde - yesterday reminded me. I drained the hottub and refilled it. Once done, nada - no electricity. PESKKKKKY!!! So I checked the circuits both at the tub and in the house - nothing was tripped :(

Decided - #$%#$@%

Went inside to watch Hidalgo - DVD player told me the disk wasn't in the machine.

Decided - #$%#$@%

Watched cheap television instead. :(

Woke today sorta grumpy but brain functional. Tested the circuit in the garage and voila - found a kicked breaker - hottub now functional :) YAY ME!

Haven't played with the DVD player today - but everything else I promised to complete is finito so I am up better than even - why tempt mercury?

Called my mom and uppered her downer mood. All is good.
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I am working today so my friend C came up to assist (always fab) - she arrived sometime after 1am - I remember mumbling at her but not a lot more - she is still crashed on the sofa.

Yesterday a friend of mine begged me to contribute to a contest he is running - (I haven't contributed to it in a few years) - seems their membership is down and he needs some juice to spice things up.

That got me thinking about water - see the story guideline (so far as I know) is it must include a fountain - so I went from water to the Styx and from there to Acheron and San Francisco and story soup. Acheron is now at 3000+ words when the contest guideline is for 1600 YIKES!!! I figure I will write it out then do a condensed version for the contest. I really need to get more of my stuff submitted (been procrastinating a few weeks) and start moshing on Hecate for a real life novel submission.

Got another family member visiting from Monday-Tuesday ::sigh:: This is always good and bad - I love folks but darn my last few weeks have been overrun with obligatory interruptions -- I am way too selfish for this.

So, off to clean my bathroom before the client arrives - not that the client will notice but it is overdue and a good way for me to get it done :)
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a bustling wednesday

Today I finally got the FTP to work for the website project I have been working on. It turned out looking nice http://www.inndesigns.com/index.htm - The client hasn't generated the material for any of the other links and is already changing content on some that are posted ::grins:: This is what always happens - as a designer you ask for current content - they provide some half assed stuff - then you put everything up on the web and voila their imagination pops open and they 'adjust' their content. I expect to be doing 'adjustments' for a few weeks for her since she is behind.

I have received cudo's from several of her clients though - seems they like the design. (It is nothing fancy)


I have been engaging in some lengthy emails from a Canadian male friend of mine, Lorne, who has been trying to talk me into a relationship when I am up for maybe a flirtation due to the distance. In any case his recent primary relationship is 'not meeting his needs' which I pointed out to him was continuing to be framed around 'quality of sex' - which I feel is prompting him to trolling for new relationships ::yukkypoo::

I think the Universe is trying to give me visibility of very familiar patterns with several of my male paramours at the moment. (BTW the Universe is convinced I am quite thick headed - prolly rightfully so too) Nothing like a good flirtation deflator. ::sigh::

The best guy I ever flirted with via the Internet was a script writer. Wow - he was yummy with words and it was such fun. Keep in mind I am NOT looking for a relationship - just FUN!!! You know - if I was interested in a relationship I would probably be attracting more fun flirtations ::pondering::


My editor got ahold of Knife Grinder over the weekend and dropped me a mysterious note reading something like: "I read KG today. I had to put it down 3 times. That is a good sign."

ohhhhhhhh - pesky pesky pesky - I want more than THAT!!!

Yanno, editors love - just LOVE - to torture writers with ambiguous stuff like that.

At least I have the sneaky pleasure of knowing maggots and putrescence disturb her - :::he he::


I wrote a vignette yesterday I have no idea what I am going to do with. It is called Kumani - I don't even know what genre it might work into.
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My sister visited - she plans 24 hour visits about once a year. I am obligatory - a duty. We had fun anyway even though she managed to piss off one of my roommates right after she arrived. Lucky I was here about an hour later and could maintain the necessary division between the household and her.

I enjoyed the visit. She is also an editor and had fun munching on one of my short stories. She carried it off with her too so I expect to see it back with necessary notations in a week or so.

My son's squeeze showed up last night meaning my attempt at recovery sleep was abruptly interrupted making overnight sleep tossy and not the most pleasant. It is an intrusion thing - something I have to deal with periodically but I just wasn't expecting it right on top of my sisters visit.

Today I am trying to get the correct FTP address to finish the website for my client. After brunch :)

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it's on the page

That means -- I have completed Knife Grinder

It isn't often I have to scrap and rework a story before it is even completed so tonight I am pretty happy to have this one on the paper. I sent it off for initial review to an online group and I will use it in my RL group for my September submission too. :)

I feel good.

I think it has a twist on the end although I might telegraph the twist too much ::sigh::

We shall see.


Date man never responded to my last e-mail where I politely but firmly disengaged from further pursuit at this time. I did quote back a few words for him so he would have visibility around my feelings but overall I feel this went well. Now I can go back to my flagrant Ontario flirtation (lots of writing and hot air) and my play buddies.

Somewhere out there I will find a more entertaining partner to engage in wild passionate sexual moments with - until then...
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